My Box Gym Manifesto

The coaches and box gyms who are included in our directory are showing a commitment to the tenets of our manifesto as follows:

  1. Gyms must never discriminate on the basis of people’s color, creed, religion, or ability
  2. Gyms will provide training, workouts, and programs that are safe, effective, and enforce positive outcomes for everyone
  3. Group classes will always provide modifications to accommodate participants who are not able to perform the prescribed exercises with the proper form
  4. Coaches and trainers will not demean, denounce, or call out their members and their peers in public forums showing respect and professionalism towards all
  5. Coaches and trainers are committed to sharing best practices so that everyone can benefit from these practices.


Toronto, ON

Functional Fitness/CrossFit/HIIT, Gymnastics/Bodyweight/Natural Movement, Bodybuilding/Physique

Group Classes, Private Training, Special Needs Training, Sport Specific

Precision CrossFit

Agoura Hills, CA

Olympic Weightlifting, Functional Fitness/CrossFit/HIIT, Gymnastics/Bodyweight/Natural Movement, Triathlon/Endurance

Group Classes, Private Training, Special Needs Training, Sport Specific

CrossFit Santiago

Santiago, RM

Functional Fitness/CrossFit/HIIT, Yoga

Group Classes, Private Training

Kent CrossFit

Kent, WA

Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebell/RKC/StrongFirst, Functional Fitness/CrossFit/HIIT, Gymnastics/Bodyweight/Natural Movement

Group Classes, Private Training